Stephen Bankston
Finance Manager

Father of 2 beautiful girls.

Was in the Corps of Cadets at Texas A&M University College Station.

Enjoys fishing on the lake behind his home.

“Life’s too short to go a day without smiling”

Jordan Herron

Jordan enjoys spending every possible moment with her newborn daughter Lennox Rae and spoiling her little yorkie, Moose.

Favorite T.V. show would be ‘Person of Interest’

You've got to try her beef tips & brown gravy

Ontarius Gaines
Sales Professional

Sergio Rosas
Sales Professional

Born & raised in Paris, TX.

Sergio grew up playing the Saxophone. He played for 6 years and placed second in the Texas State Marching Contest in San Antonio.

Family is a staple in his life. He enjoys spending his free time with his two brothers, or playing golf with his friends and co-workers.

Fluent in Spanish & a great designated driver

Tim Lowry
Sales Manager

Father of 3, Grandfather of 8, husband of one.

Grandkid ages range from 7 to 21.

If he’s not fishing or hunting you can find him mowing something. This man loves to mow.

He’s been in the ‘car business’ since the late 1970’s

It’s rare you see him without a cigar in his mouth

Kane Forbus
Sales Professional

Sales Professional

Born & raised in Paris, TX

New to the car business!!

Fun & laid back guy that would love for you to come in and see him

If he's not at work, he's at the golf range

Dorsey Reichert
Sales Manager